The Praises of God (Music Book)


The Praises of God (Music Book)


(sheet music booklet)

This collection gives praise to our God who is full of goodness and love and includes both new Franciscan songs and songs for general prayer and worship.  Experience the joyful, dancing sounds of “The Praises of God” and “Come and Join Creation’s Song,”  the passionate energy of “Send Your Spirit” and "Ven Espíritu Santo” and the soothing, calming effect of “Chiara, Lumen Christi,” “Go, Blessed Soul” and “Be Still.” 

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  1. The Praises of God 
    Unison, piano, guitar, flute/ Flute/ Worship aid
  2. You are the Way the Truth and Life
    SATB, piano, guitar/ Worship aid
  3. Come and Join Creation’s Song
    SATB, piano, guitar, oboe/ Oboe/ Worship aid
  4. Psalm 96 Today Is Born Our Savior
    SATB vocal score/ SATB, piano, flutes/ Flute I/ Flute II/ Worship aid
  5. Be Still
    SATB, piano, cello/ Cello/ Worship aid
  6. Chiara, Lumen Christi
    Cantor, choir, piano, oboe/ Cantor, choir/ Oboe/ Worship aid
  7. Go, Blessed Soul
    Unison, piano/ Worship aid
  8. Psalm 145 - God, You Are Near
    SATB, piano, guitar/ Worship aid
  9. Let Us Build the Kingdom of God
    SATB, piano, guitar, C instrument/ C instrument/ Worship aid
  10. Ven Espíritu Santo
    SATB, piano, guitar, trumpet, C instrument/ C instrument/ Trumpet/ Worship aid
  11. Send Your Spirit
    SATB, piano, guitar, flute Flute/ Worship aid
  12. Trinity of Love
    SATB, piano, soprano descant/ Cello/ Flute/ Oboe/ Worship aid