Cathy Tisel Nelson has been composing music for prayer and worship since 1980. Her goal as a composer is to create music that connects us deeply with God.  She believes that when we sing our prayer, the doors to our hearts are opened and emotions of joy, gratitude and longing for God are released. Her music expresses her spirituality that above all, God is a God of LOVE and GOODNESS. 

Cathy’s music is easy to sing, uplifting, prayerful and calming.  People from parish communities and Franciscan communities throughout the United States and internationally affirm the beauty of Cathy’s music with statements like: “your music is so singable,” and “your music is prayerful – it really touches me,” and “your music is joyful and uplifting.”  When you sing or listen to Cathy’s music, SOMETHING CHANGES INSIDE.

Cathy lives in Rochester, MN where she currently participates in music ministry at Holy Spirit Church and in the Rochester area.