What You Hold (Music Book)


What You Hold (Music Book)


(sheet music booklet)

This collection includes many songs based on the words of St. Francis and Clare.  Franciscan favorites such as:  “What You Hold,” “Blessing of St. Clare,” “In the Footprints of Jesus” and “Gaze upon Christ” have been enjoyed internationally. This CD also includes “Women at the Well,” a song remembering great women saints, women of scripture and contemporary women. Another popular title, “Holy Spirit Come to Us,” invokes the Holy Spirit for wisdom, truth, light and love.

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  1. Holy Spirit, Come to Us
    Unison, piano guitar/ SATB vocal score/ Unison, guitar/ C instrument/ Worship aid
  2. Gaze upon Christ
    SSAA, SATB vocal score/ Piano and C instrument descant/ SSAA and SATB worship aid
  3. Women at the Well
    Unison, piano, guitar/ Unison, guitar/ Worship aid wide and narrow
  4. God, You Are Good
    Unison, piano, guitar/ Unison, guitar/ Worship aid
  5. We Are Mirrors
    SATB, piano/C instrument/ Worship aid
  6. Blessing of St. Clare
    SSA vocal score/ Unison, piano, guitar/ Unison, guitar/ Worship aid
  7. We Desire the Spirit
    SATB, piano, guitar/ Worship aid
  8. What You Hold
    Unison, piano/ Worship aid
  9. Prayer Before the Crucifix
    Unison, piano/ Worship aid
  10. In the Footprints of Jesus
    SATB vocal score/ Unison, piano, guitar/ Unison, guitar/ C instrument/ Worship aid wide and narrow
  11. Waiting at the Well
    Unison, piano, guitar/ Unison, guitar/ Flute descant/ Worship aid
  12. May God Bless You and Keep You
    SATB, piano, guitar/ Worship aid